What is the importance of living with good character?

How does living with good character affect the legacy that we leave behind for others to see?

As Christians, we may be the only example of Jesus others see, and our character should reflect His glory.

I Love my church

Church was never intended to be just a building, or a location, or an event- it was meant to be a community.

The church is a gathering of God's people, called to love one another the same way that Jesus loves us.

Here at GCC, we don't want you to just go to church- we want you to love your church.

Throughout this series, we'll learn what it means to love our church, and how God uses that to build community.

New Beginnings

As we head toward the New Year, we talk about how God gives us the opportunity for new beginnings,

and how to grow our relationships with Jesus and others and 2019.

Unforgettable Christmas

What makes the Christmas story so unforgettable even after more than 2000 years?

And how do we know that the story of Jesus is the TRUE Christmas story?

In this series, we'll explore the unforgettable story of Christmas, to learn why this story matters so much.

All In Christianity

When we talk about being Christians- followers of Jesus- we often say that we want to be all in for God.

So then what does it look like to be "all in"? Why is it so hard sometimes to be an all-in Christian?

In this message, guest speaker Bobby Thompson takes a look at Deuteronomy 6, and explains what being "all in" means.

Thank You Notes

Being thankful isn't always our natural response to controversy, even in our every day circumstances.

We tend to focus on things that don't go our way, and to complain about those things. 

God calls us to do the opposite, and to focus on being thankful for all the blessings in our lives, even in hard circumstances.

The question is: what are you truly thankful for today?


Have you ever been caught doing something you know you shouldn't have been doing?

Whether you were a kid breaking the rules, or an adult stuck in a bad situation, getting busted is never fun.

However, getting busted can lead us to redemption, if we own up to our sins, and allow God to work in our lives.

Are you willing to take responsibility for your actions, and allow God to lead your way?

Too Much

Why does the church and the Bible talk so often about money?

How do we learn to live with less in a day and age where we are told we need more and more?

We'll explore these questions and more throughout our new series, "Too Much."


The Old Testament prophet Hosea was a living reflection of God's love for us.

Hosea was told by God to marry a woman who lived as a prostitute, even after they were married.

Yet even when she was sold into slavery, Hosea loved her so much that he went and bought back her freedom.

Like Hosea's love for his wife, God's love for you is boundless- He bought your freedom from sin and shame through Jesus.

in the meantime

What do you do when there's nothing you can do?

Many times in life, we will feel stuck in situations where there is nothing we can do to change the outcome.

This can leave us feeling defeated and hopeless, or like God has abandoned us in our greatest time of need.

So how do we face these situations with a Christ-focused attitude, knowing that God hasn't left us to face our struggles alone?

And as we wait on our situation, what do we do in the meantime? Throughout this series, we'll explore that question.

Father's Day

As part of our Father's Day recognition, we spent two weeks talking about different aspects of manhood and fatherhood.

Men have an important role to play in the spiritual lives of their family and friends,

and it's important that men how to be warriors and fathers for the Kingdom of God.

Repainting jesus

The way others see Jesus relies on the way they see Jesus through the actions and lives of Christians.

If you're a Christian, how does your life reflect the life of Jesus? How do other people, especially non-believers, see Jesus through you?

If our lives don't paint the right picture of Jesus, it's time that we change: it's time that we repaint Jesus.

Memorial day

In honor of Memorial Day, we hear from guest speaker and veteran Dr. Roland Haun

on the importance of sacrifice, evangelism, and giving of yourself in reaching others for Jesus.

Just a phase

From the time a child is born to the time they turn 18 years old, there are 940 weeks.

That's 940 chances for their family and community to make a difference in their lives.

If the church is going to make a difference in the next generation, we have to make the most of every one of those 940 chances.

That may seem like a lot, but it goes by faster than you think.

No matter how old the children in your life may be, this is just a phase, so don't miss it.

The Struggle is real

In a world that's increasingly driven by social media, we can often struggle to connect with the people around us.

How do we grow our faith and work to connect personally with others in a tech-driven world?

Throughout this series, we talk about how the Bible helps us address these struggles, because as we all know, the struggle is real.


Easter is a time of celebration in the church as we look back at the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

This one event is the source of our hope and our joy, and changed the course of human history.

Jesus overcame the grave, He overcame sin, and we get to spend eternity with Him because of His love for us!

Next Steps

Here at Glendale Christian Church, we believe that everyone has a "next best step" to take in following Jesus.

That step may be coming to church for the first time, or the first time in a long time.

That step may be confessing the sin in your life and following Jesus for the first time.

That step may be baptism, or re-committing your life to God, or finding new ways to grow closer to Him through Bible study and prayer.

Whatever it may be, ask yourself: what's my next best step?


What does it mean to simply follow Jesus?

Throughout this series, we'll look at what it means when we resolve to follow Jesus.

Grace is greater

We are excited to welcome our new Senior Minister, Adam Hale, into the Glendale Christian family!

In his first series, Adam will be sharing messages about the power of grace.

We often talk about grace in church, without always addressing what makes grace truly important.

This series is a fresh look at the meaning, purpose, and value of God's grace in our lives.